"$22. BILLS"

Funny Bill Used to Pay Fine

Hamilton, Montana                                   U.P. & A.P.

A 26 year old man successfully paid a $20 traffic fine in city court with a fake $22 bill. Police Chief John Willette said.

The bill was made by doctoring a $20 bill and photocopying it to 80 percent rag bond paper.

It was accepted by police, Judge Herbert Kester this month. Willette said it was passed by a 26 year old man whom Willette did not identify. His story is that it was a joke bill that he picked up some place, the chief said.

When the Judge fined him he reached down into his wallet and pulled out what he thought was a real bill and laid it on the Judge's desk. The Judge snatched it up and put it in his drawer. The judge has not said whether he gave the man any change.

No charges have been filed against the man, Willette said, but Secret Service agents have said the case will be referred to the U.S. attorney's office.

Beware of $22 Dollar Bills

South Lake Tahoe police today reported two $22 bills were successfully passed at the Stateline 7-11 Store Thursday. The bills are being distributed throughout the South Shore as part of a promotional gimmick for Love 22, a 1980 Presidential aspirant.

The candidate said this morning he was quite surprised at the incident and said he wants all merchants to watch out for the $22 bills.

Store secretary Sheri Kuhner of Carson City noticed one bill in her cash receipts when preparing the daily bank deposit, police said. When the total appeared $43.07 short, Ms. Kuhner checked the drawer and found another $22 bill.

Ms. Kuhner speculated the clerks accepted the bills thinking they were $20 denominations, officers said. The clerks were not present when the police report was taken and no description of the bogus bill passed was available.

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Bernie Mraz of the Seaside, CALIF police department holds a phony $22 bill that a motorist used to buy $20 worth of gas. The motorist sped off without waiting for change, and police say they have no suspects.     (AP Photo)

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U.S.A. Today, Aug. 16, 1995