Love 22 found innocent!

Love 22--- Secret Service 0
that's no counterfeit score

Counterfeit $22 bill?
No way,  judge says

Love gives $22- skidoo
to fake bill charges
New Orleans,

Front page Times Picayune,
New Orleans
June 13, 1981


The $22 bill is legal.
Love 22 can sell them now
to finance presidency race.

Love 22 finds out
number's not up

by Ed Anderson

Love 22 walked into Federal Court a purveyor of funny money, but walked right out a free man Friday, able to sell his $22 bills for his Presidential campaign.


The Miami Herald, Jay Maeder- The People Column
Saturday, June 13, 1981, page 2

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Associated Press


Love 22, the perennial presidential candidate who spends his time raising campaign funds by selling his custom made $22 bills five for a dollar, walked Friday after a federal judge in New Orleans ruled the government's case against him dumb and ridiculous.  The feds claimed the money looked authentic.  The judge said any nitwit could tell otherwise.  Mr. 22 said he will resume his campaigning.