"$22. BILLS"

THE LOVE "22" BOOK-  CHAPTER 1            page 2

After the world series in "1975", I bought an old VW van. On one of my trips outside of "BOSTON" on my way to see some friends an unusual thing happened. While traveling on Interstate 128, I saw two backpackers hitchhiking in the rain. I pulled my VW Van over & they jumped in eager to get out of the stormy weather and the Interstate. They said they were going to Plymouth...not Mass. but N.H. Plymouth State Teachers College. After telling them my name, they introduced themselves as "RAYN" & "HATE 33" both of which added to "22".

After hearing (THE NUMBER & LETTERS THEORY), "THEY" said I should Meet Dr. Charlie Brown, (COMPUTER DEPARTMENT HEAD) at the college. I asked the "RAYN" lady how she got "HER" name and she immediately rolled up "HER" sleeves to reveal "RAYN"bow skin blotches of different colors to my amazement. Well "YES I" did go the proverbial extra mile, more than 250 "MILES" and I got two smiling, grateful ladies back to school.

The next day I found out where the Computer Dept. was located. It was, I couldn't believe it, Bldg. #22. I made an appointment to meet him. As Dr. Charlie Brown was instructing some students after class later that day, he stopped upon seeing me & introduced me to the dozen or so students who were there.

Up to that time I had been doing all the calculations of words in my head which is by the way exactly "22" inches around. I was wondering if a computer could do this "WORK" for me. I had asked many computer people about figuring out a computer program to change the addition of words to numbers, assigning the letters of words to numbers. No one could help me.

At 4:58 P.M. on November 25, "1975" @ Plymouth State Teachers College in New Hampshire; Dr. Charles Brown (COMPUTER DEPARTMENT HEAD) finally heard my words. This was to be the day when Charlie Brown stopped whatever he was doing and put a one armed "STUDENT" at the computer terminal whose print out read the following as my eyes & "MIND" saw for the first time:


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